Emergency Repair Sections

HUWA stainless steel Emergency Repair sections are used for the permanent repair of damaged pipes

for water, gas and petrochemical fluids


The function of the Emergency repair set is to reduce the stock that has to be carried by the water companies and to improve the availability of clamps in case of emergency repairs.

Especially for larger repair clamps that are relatively seldom used, it is convenient to have the combi repair clamp available so that any required clamp with a diameter between 91 and 780 mm can be assembled from the sections of the combi repair clamp.

The sections are packed in a wooden crate and each time that two or more sections are used, the used sections can be re-ordered to complete the crate for the next emergency.

The sections, which increase in size, are marked A,B,C,D and E.

Standard length is 400 mm

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